Thursday, October 15, 2009

Andrea Is....

I got to edit a video for Good Morning America, as a part of their Quick Fix segments they do for ABC News. Our very creative and expert technology correspondent did a piece on social networking. In fact both Becky Worley and Bill Weir have done a Quick Fix on social networking.

I've decided to give brief examples of the different kind of FB/Twitter status out there:

The Brag Status
Jessica is going to the Beyonce in concert tonight!

The Sarcasm Status
Sabrina is okay doc, my baby's broke: she's had 5 stinkies so far today and there's this weird white thing trying to make it's way out of gums... I think she might be defective!

The Pity Party Status
Michael is studying all night for a test that his professor sprung on him yesterday.

The Boredom Status
Beth is watching Grey's.

The My Husband Got ahold of my FB Status
Andrea is making travis sit in agony while she tries on a whole bunch of clothes... is that mean?

The TMI Status
Sarah is had too much to drink last night and can't tell the floor from the ceiling, where her clothes are, and how to gain back the 20lbs she lost last night to the porcelain throne.

The Ambiguous Status
Jake is if there were any way to make it all stop... I would.

The Clever Status
Tara is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch + some VH1 music videos=perfect getting ready for work morning.

The Weather Forecast Status
Meredith is so over weather that can cook an egg on the sidewalk and looking forward to the cold front...nothing like 80 degree weather finally!

The One Sided Conversation Status
Mark is why is that when I decided to change my status to "still at work until 10p and back up at 6a"...I actually thought that is no big deal...BIG DEAL!...What happens the day 3am call times no longer seem to be a big deal...Wait! That was last Saturday!!!!

The Political Discussion Striker Status
Micah is Happy National Coming Out day! I'm going to continue enjoying my white straight privilege today, but hope that one day VERY soon, my queer friends can fling themselves off to war or enjoy the crappy health insurance their partners' have or even [gasp] get married or divorced like me.

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